New comp

  1. 2 years ago


    4 Dec 2016 Administrator


  2. Adeeoz

    4 Dec 2016 Raid Team

    0/10 you better zip tie them cables bro

  3. Irsn

    4 Dec 2016 Administrator

    I got lazy once the water cooler came in, I'll zip tie everything when I put the case back together

  4. Xyraga

    5 Dec 2016 Raid Team

    Lol looks pretty empty compared to mine. I think i have... 3 hardrives.. three ssd's. Kinda curious if the 6700k has heat iusses like ivy. Btw did you get 16gb of memory?

  5. Lucit

    5 Dec 2016 Raid Team


  6. Irsn

    5 Dec 2016 Administrator

    yea I did, and I removed all the drive trays, only need 1 since the 950 just sit on the mobo.

  7. 16dots

    5 Dec 2016 Raid Team
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  8. Irsn

    6 Dec 2016 Administrator

    i7 6700k, asus strix 1080, asus z170A, 16gb 3k ram and last but not least, a 950 evo m.2 ssd


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