Heroic Carries

  1. 2 years ago


    10 Nov 2016 Raid Team
    Edited 2 years ago by Haikus

    post here if you find anyone for carries class spec etc.
    Pretty sure we agreed on 100k for carry they get loot that Raiders don't need.

  2. 16dots

    10 Nov 2016 Raid Team
    Edited 2 years ago by 16dots

    Put our prices/any rules or restrictions/loot distribution(how are we handling titanforged items, will there be a price on those based on ilvl?)... Give us more info, so we can actually advertise this

    I have 2 potential buyers, I need all that information to quote them.

    Also how many people are we carrying per run? 4 (1 armor type each) ?

  3. Irsn

    10 Nov 2016 Administrator

    max if 4 since we'd be selling gear(mail, leather, cloth, plate), don't remember the price we discussed but I believe everything of that loot spec is theirs, not sure how we handle jewelry/relics/trinkets with more than 1 buyer

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  6. Hi there , I was talking to someone about a mythic Xavius kill tonight ?! Is that still available ?



  7. any word on this ? I was talking to Ning / Reversiblex

  8. Risinglight

    28 Nov 2016 Administrator

    It should still be available.

  9. What about players in guild that need carries? I mean, not that I'm asking for hand outs, but I would love to get in some of the raids and learn them. I'd probably lead a 2nd group if I ran a few times and became confident with all the fights.

  10. Itakou

    23 Jan 2017 Administrator


    we did some carries for guildies back a few weeks when it was downtown. Unfortunately, with Nighthold just opening, and mythic just around the corner, we're running 110% for progression.

    If you need a carry, it'll have to wait a few weeks (or even month or two).


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