Semicolon; The Universal Punctuation

  1. 3 years ago


    23 Sep 2015 Raid Team

    Changed all inter-paragraph punctuation to semicolon in a 7 page English paper draft I had to turn in today; don't fail me @Adeeoz.

  2. Irsn

    24 Sep 2015 Administrator

    hahahahahaha you put your faith in a semi joke/serious thing. Well let us know what the results are. It'll probably be TECHNICALLY correct, but strange, what better time to test it than a draft.

  3. Adeeoz

    24 Sep 2015 Raid Team

    Uh yeah i was mostly kidding lol

  4. Light

    24 Sep 2015 Raid Team

    I know it was a joke, I'm just excited to see the reaction of my liberal hipster douche of a professor... I hate English

  5. rip light's grade

  6. Light

    24 Sep 2015 Raid Team

    Was just a draft anyway, nbd. Lol

  7. Marrel

    24 Sep 2015 Raid Team

    If you actually cared about your grades Light you would submit your paper on the forums and let the guild do 1 last edit of it before you turn it in.


  8. Light

    24 Sep 2015 Raid Team

    Maybe next time.


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