found this lol

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  2. 4 years ago


    28 Apr 2015 Administrator

    I don't think he ever was, he's just saying theres members from our guild doing it.

  3. Members from our guild... the hunter trial, and apparently a monk that's "50/50" on it?

  4. Risinglight

    29 Apr 2015 Administrator

    With the hunter trial gquiting today, I wonder what what he will say now.

  5. Itakou

    29 Apr 2015 Administrator

    @leetheda a monk that's "50/50" on it?

    That monk is probably swankyy, I can feel it

  6. Adeeoz

    29 Apr 2015 Raid Team


  7. Swankyy

    29 Apr 2015 Raid Team

    wasn't me lol...

  8. Haikus

    29 Apr 2015 Raid Team

    he meant a buyer lol

  9. 16dots

    9 May 2015 Raid Team
    Edited 4 years ago by 16dots

    Well, I just joined a friend's group , getting paid for 50k, but the gold is on illidan. :(

    Obviously we needed to charge a lot more.


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