Names of People

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  2. 3 years ago


    26 Mar 2015 Raid Team

    you can call me god

    or David

    but probably god

  3. @Adeeoz you can call me god

    or David

    but probably god

    Not Tank God?

  4. Sanos

    26 Mar 2015 Raid Team

    Until you add me on facebook to confirm you are infact David. You are forever Adeeoz.

  5. eww I went on to just do a name change and says your toon will be unavailable and can take a couple days to change...


    YOUR CHARACTER WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR PLAY during the approval process, which can take up to several days to complete. The character will be available for play after the rename has been finalized or if it is canceled.

    THE NAME YOU CHOOSE MUST be within the World of Warcraft Naming Policy.

    A NAME CHANGE CANNOT BE REVERSED once completed, except by a second name change operation (subject to the same costs and limitations). The Rename service can only be used once every 3 days per character.

    YOUR CHARACTER’S OLD NAME WILL BE LOCKED from use on the realm for 90 days once the name change is completed. After that time the old name becomes available again and can be claimed by anyone on its realm on a first-come, first-served basis.

  6. Marrel

    26 Mar 2015 Raid Team

    My name irl is Itakou, but I prefer the nickname Andy.

  7. Adeeoz

    26 Mar 2015 Raid Team

    so now ill call itakou ning and marrel itakou, there's no way that'll backfire

  8. Swankyy

    28 Mar 2015 Raid Team

    Swankyy - Patric

    hehhh hehhhhhhhhh

  9. Irsn

    28 Mar 2015 Administrator

    this swanky-e guy

  10. Hey add me to this too

  11. Phienix - Matt

  12. Sanos

    14 Jul 2015 Raid Team

    hi matt

  13. Light

    13 Aug 2015 Raid Team
    Edited 3 years ago by Light

    You guys can call me Trey if you'd prefer over my in game name.

  14. Edited 3 years ago by Frostbringer

    Character name is Frostbringer but Real Name is Bryan

    i joined the guild on August 13th

  15. Dom,

    Exti = Exit/Mom

  16. Sanos

    23 Aug 2015 Raid Team


  17. @Sanos THANKS MOM

    Just call me BIG MAMMA

  18. SHJESSE- Call me Jesse.

  19. Irsn

    21 Sep 2015 Administrator

    @superhumanjesse SHJESSE- Call me Jesse.

    well that makes things easier.

  20. @superhumanjesse SHJESSE- Call me Jesse.

    I liked Cheese

  21. Swankyy

    21 Sep 2015 Raid Team

    @leetheda I liked Cheese

    Cheese sounds much better


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